Bayou Magic Cajun Gumbo / Cajun Rice Combeaux, 2 x 6 plus 1
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6 Packs - Cajun Rice Mix

6 Packs - Cajun Gumbo Mix

1 Pack   - Organic Bay Leaves


“Bayou Magic Cajun Rice Mix”

  • This recipe comes from the banks of BAYOU BEAUF and this unique dish enjoyed by Cajuns in South Louisiana Bayou Country.
  • Authentic Cajun recipes handed down from ancestors who came from Nova Scotia in 1785.
  • Seasoned to perfection. No MSG is added.
  • Feeds 8-10 people or 5-4 Cajuns. 

“Bayou Magic Cajun Gumbo Mix”

  • A Louisiana tradition, this dish will put smiles on the faces of your families and friends.
  • This delicious mix eliminates making roux and chopping vegetables.
  • Delicious with chicken and sausage or cooked with seafood or wild game
  • Seasoned to Perfection!
  • No MSG is added.
  • Feeds 8-10 people or 5-4 Cajuns.
  • Talk about good y'all!  C'est si bon! 

”Bayou Magic Whole Organic Bay Leaves”

  • are grown and harvested in the Bayou Country; they are a favorite ingredient to most Cajun Creole dishes. 
  • Used in gumbos soups gravies and sauces. 
  • Also, good marinating with meats, fish and poultry.
  • C'est bon yea!
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Bayou Magic Cajun Gumbo/Rice Combeaux, 2 x 6 plus 1 Bay Leaves

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